Day One of XFW kicks off with fintech leaders and experts sharing their visionary ideas for positive change in the finance industry. Gain valuable insights during the Fintech Census session, where market trends, growth, and regulatory impacts are explored. In the Capital Markets session, discover how fintech is reshaping investment, trading, and asset management. The day culminates with an exciting session on CBDC & CRYPTO, delving into the future of finance.
Day Two of XFW promises an exhilarating exploration of the future of finance. The day kicks off by delving into how embedded and open finance drive financial inclusion. Discover the far-reaching implications of AI in Fintech on the financial landscape. Witness the profound impact of digital transformation as it reshapes banking, payments, insurance, and more. Finally, dive into the opportunities and challenges presented by DeFi, Open Banking, Regulation, and DORA.
Day Three of XFW is packed with inspiring sessions. Kick off the day by exploring the opportunities of landing and thriving in the dynamic fintech landscape of the Netherlands. Discover the transformative power of fintech in making a positive impact on society and the economy. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on the social responsibility of finance. Explore the intersection of fintech and ESG principles. Uncover how technology is driving sustainable finance.
Day Four of XFW is all about connecting and empowering the fintech community. It kicks off with the Investor Matchmaking session, offering startups and entrepreneurs the chance to meet potential investors. Gain invaluable insights into the current state of fintech, focusing on capital trends and talent dynamics. The week culminates with the Holland Fintech Meetup in an XXL format, where the fintech community gathers to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections.
Tuesday, September 12
Wednesday, September 13
Thursday, September 14
Friday, September 15

Hosting a session on Community Days

What are

Community Days?

Community days are entirely organised by the fintech community, and plugged into the XFW calendar.

As part of your sponsorship package, you’ll have the opportunity to open your office or organise a location where you can host XFW attendees.

Any session that is relevant to the FinTech community is welcome.

Here are some examples for you:

What do you need to do

What is your contribution?

The contribution required is the amount of 750 euros. These costs go towards the use of the Brella app, marketing and printing, our staff, and helping to make XFW a great success!

What do you get in return?

XFW Agenda

Add session to the Agenda, which all attendees will have access to throughout the week.


Your event will be included in the Brella app - the official app of XFW.

XFW channels

We market your session via XFW channels, including emails and Social Media platforms.

Dates: 12 or 15.09.23. Time is up to you

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