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About Amsterdam FinTech Week

Home to one of the world’s first modern stock markets, fintech startups have much to like about Amsterdam and its strong connections with the rest of the globe. The Dutch financial industry presents an opportunity of at least $112 billion, the combined market cap of the seven massive financial corporations in the Netherlands part of the Forbes 2000 list. Startups in the Netherlands are taking advantage of this opportunity, excelling especially in payments, digital identity and security.

To draw attention to the active fintech scene in the Dutch capital, Holland FinTech has set up Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW), taking place each year for a week of program full of fintech focused initiatives!

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Taking place from September 18th until 25th, XFW20 will be gathering all players and companies active in the Dutch fintech scene for a week of events throughout Amsterdam and ONLINE!

This year, the XFW20 agenda will be led by Holland FinTech, who will kick-off every day with a 30 minutes session, focused on key themes for the fintech industry, sparking and shaping discussions. Holland FinTech will be diving deeper into the day’s theme at lunchtime, during a panel session with industry experts! 

Network online at Holland Fintech events

After each Holland FinTech event, attendees will have access to the online networking area within the event platform, a place for automated one-on-one meetings to facilitate connections. Once in the meeting, you can communicate via the chat box or a video call.

Themes of XFW20

FinTech Across Europe

Financial Inclusion

We’ll be celebrating Amsterdam’s international relations, and how fintech is connecting people around the world to do business, travel and thrive across borders! Now, the European Union is working towards a single market, to overcome policy and regulatory barriers for business and people, but fintech solutions have already worked for almost a decade to overcome obstacles that separated us from the rest of the world. We will be championing the fintech solutions that take us all international!

The disruption of traditional financial services by the rise of fintech has forced a shift in the industry, making many financial products and services much more accessible, affordable and understandable to individuals and businesses. We’ll be drawing attention to fintech solutions that benefit the underserved individuals and communities, that break down financial products to understandable easy blocks, improving the communication, and sorting out the consumers – or entrepreneurs’ – data to support financial decision making.


Financial Innovation & Policy

When it comes to fintech, we’re in the age of partnerships and collaboration. Partnerships are becoming the norm, over solo ventures, and it seems critical to staying ahead in the competitive fintech landscape. At the same time, privacy concerns and cyber security risks pose a real threat, making collaboration a complex task, especially between companies of different natures, a prime example being startups and incumbent financial institutions. It’s time to debate best practices and the future of collaboration!

Technology has been the major driving force behind innovations in the financial services industry for some time. Although the financial crisis forced changes in policies and regulations to allow for innovation and market dynamics, policy makers still seem far behind. With the implementation of PSD2, GDPR and increased focus on prevention of fraud, services providers have faced challenges. Where there is trouble however, there are opportunities! With many coming to aid supervisors to deal with technology – Suptech – or financial services companies with staying compliant – Regtech. Let’s all get together and discuss where the industry is heading!

  Digital Transformation

New Technologies & Innovations

Digital transformation –  a buzz word you can’t get away from! Sparked initially by the internet revolution – and bubble – digital is taking over how we communicate, collaborate and organise ourselves. But what does it actually mean? Digitization as a process, is as old as the use of computers. What makes it different now, is that we are moving from isolated processes, being supported or replaced by software, to fully integrated digital value chains, within companies as well as between companies – becoming truly digital.  Where do we stand with regards to this transformation? How can we learn from each other to improve our internal organisation and the way we collaborate?

Since the scientific revolution, inventions and innovation have come at us, at an accelerating pace. When it comes to fintech, people and businesses have steadily become more and more reliant on these technologies and integral to many of our lives. But as most people are not technically educated, the understanding of these developments tends to go slower than adoption, putting users at risk and opportunities to be lost. It’s key for everyone to stay on top of these developments and educate themselves, but how do you do that? What trends are here to stay, and how can you learn about them?

Highlights from 2019



ONLINE EVENT – Flash Friday: Staying Ahead of the FinTech News – XFW20 Edition

09:30 – 10:00

ONLINE EVENT: Holland FinTech’s Founder & CEO, Don Ginsel, presents Flash Friday – a weekly live show that brings you the latest fintech news and developments. Don will be joined by Conny Dorrestijn, Founding Partner of BankiFi to co-host the show!

As today marks the beginning of XFW20, we’ll be focusing the discussions are the key themes of the week, and of course bringing you the latest fintech news and answering questions from Holland FinTech members!


IN-PERSON EVENT – XFW20 Launch Party

16:30 – 19:00

IN-PERSON EVENT: Thanks our XFW20 Launch Party Sponsors, to celebrate the opening of Amsterdam FinTech Week 2020 (XFW20), we’ll be hosting a reception at the Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam on September 18th with key partners that have made the week possible! During the evening, the first digital European FinTech Navigator Don Ginsel will be unveiling.

If you are interested in taking part in the week, please email

XFW20 Launch Party Sponsors


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XFW20 will be bringing together the fintech ecosystem for 6 days of physical and online events, to celebrate the most innovative players and companies in the industry. 

This year, we are offering sponsorship packages that cater for a week of events that will mostly be online, allowing from a larger international audience.

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We are looking to showcase the most innovative fintechs in the ecosystem by streaming pre-recorded VIDEO CLIPS throughout the week!

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Through the Holland FinTech channels (with an accumulated audience of +10k fintech professionals), you can expect accurate, extensive, and aesthetically pleasing promotion in the lead up to, and during, this week.

Each day, there will be a different theme that will direct content and drive discussion. Don’t worry if you want to do something different, let us know your plan!

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At Fintech Finance, we showcase the most up to date news coverage, and produce engaging content throughout all areas of the financial industry. By producing our unique Virtual Arenas three times a week, as well as video episodes which look at a range of topics within financial services, we bring key topics and updates into the financial arena. Usually our place is at some of the industry’s most prominent events, however 2020 had led us to adapt to make sure we attend and report virtually!

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