Amsterdam FinTech Week XFW20 – 22 September Agenda

Amsterdam Fintech Week 2020 (XFW20) is where the world’s most innovative fintech and financial services minds assemble. Below is an overview of what XFW20 has in store for Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

It’s day 2, and we are discussing Collaboration within the ecosystem. When it comes to fintech, we’re in the age of partnerships and collaboration. Partnerships are becoming the norm, over solo ventures, and it seems critical to staying ahead in the competitive fintech landscape. At the same time, privacy concerns and cyber security risks pose a real threat, making collaboration a complex task, especially between companies of different natures, a prime example being startups and incumbent financial institutions. It’s time to debate best practices and the future of collaboration!

Tuesday 22nd September

09:00 Holland FinTech Breaking the Ice on Collaboration


11:00 Interworks Online Event: An Embedded Analytics Overview

12:00 Connective Payments & Van Doorne Online Event: Strategic Partnering to Upscale and Grow – Time for Action! 

13:00 Holland FinTech Collaboration Panel Discussion



14:00 Subsidy Cloud Online Event: Shark Tank – The Subsidy Edition

17:00 Ergomania Online Event: The 7 Deadly Sins in Fintech UX



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