The Netherlands – The European Fintech Capital

February 22, 2023

There has been much speculation, particularly since Brexit, that the Netherlands will become the “new London” of European fintech development.Even though it is not so black and white, and the UK continues to play a significant role in the European fintech scene, the Dutch fintech sector has grown exponentially, as has its influence in the European market. A cooperative regulatory environment, an abundance of highly skilled talent, strong digital infrastructure, and the highest mobile banking service adoption in Europe are just a few of the factors driving fintech development in the region. Read on to discover what The European Fintech Capital has to offer!

Thriving ecosystem
Would you believe us if we told you that there are nearly 1800 companies in the Netherlands working in the fintech ecosystem? Despite the fact that the Fintech sector in general is experiencing decreased funding and slower growth, the Dutch fintech ecosystem is growing year after year. The newly released The Dutch Fintech Map – DFM’22 by the Holland Fintech team is a great example of this, representing 18 categories that include all the layers of technology and services that support payments, investing, financing, and insuring, but also digital authentication, data sourcing, security, administration, reporting, and much more are required to keep the economy running. Check out the insightful analysis on the expanding Dutch ecosystem or sign up for the next DFM’23 here!

Launch a Startup
Amsterdam has one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the world. Startups in the Netherlands, whether homegrown or based abroad, are fueled by a uniquely Dutch spirit of entrepreneurship and openness, which makes it easy for talent to constantly explore opportunities in the ecosystem. Great ideas are being developed simultaneously in the global environment of talents, so startup support is abundant in the Netherlands, from government agencies, incubators, accelerators, large corporations, and universities. There are numerous tools, lists, events, and other resources available to assist you in running your startup from the Netherlands. More than 20 of the most relevant parties are listed here, as well as some key resources on the startup ecosystem and startup tools.

Diversity and inclusion
The Netherlands, as one of the most popular destinations for foreign investors and expats, has developed one of the most comprehensive and diverse financial ecosystems. According to Invest in Holland, the Netherlands’ fintech sector thrives due to its historically strong financial services and status as the birthplace of the stock market. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most globally diverse financial centers. Furthermore, women account for more than 39% of financial services employment, placing the country in the top-12 of the diversity index. Other hubs focusing on insurance, fintech, and institutional investors are scattered across the country, as are trading, payments & e-commerce, and security.

Fintech Unicorn Land!
For all of the reasons stated above, the Netherlands is an ideal location for fintech companies to connect, learn, and grow. I’m proud to say that the Netherlands is home to ten fintech unicorns, the most in Europe after the United Kingdom! Adyen, Mambu, Global Collect, CM, ACT Commodities, Bitfury, Bunq, FlowTraders and Mollie are among the companies involved. Can you guess who will be the next one?

A land of landmarks!
And, as if that wasn’t enough, your trip to the Netherlands doesn’t have to be solely for business purposes! After a long day of work, you can broaden your horizons by visiting the Netherlands, which is home to some of the world’s most important financial institutions! To name a few, the Rotterdam World Trade Center, Euronext Amsterdam, and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)!

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