Unlock the Value of Open Banking Report

How do businesses actually value open banking? Download our research report and find out. In our report, we surveyed businesses in the banking, retail, lending and financial management sectors to find out how they see the opportunities and value of open banking. Read it to find out how open banking will help businesses move forward […]

YTS Launches Data Security Report

We are proud to announce that we have launched our new report on data security in open banking. Our report investigates the myths and misconceptions of data security, with findings from 800 businesses in the financial space, including banks, lenders and personal finance managers. The release of the report comes at an exciting time for […]

8 Ways Open Banking is reshaping the Lending Landscape

Open banking is gradually revolutionising the lending landscape, as lenders begin to offer more personalized services to customers through instant access to financial data. So, how exactly is open banking changing lending for the better? From faster loan applications to improved customer experience and enhanced security, open banking has a wealth of benefits to offer […]

Why Utility Companies should think more like Netflix and Spotify

The last decade has seen the rise of many explosively popular businesses based on subscription and recurring payments. Netflix, Uber, and Spotify are the giants, but there are also many smaller, but highly popular businesses such as HelloFresh, Stitch Fix, and so on. These companies all sell different things. But outside of what they sell, […]

APIs are taking the world by storm

APIs are everywhere. In fact, APIs (application programming interfaces) are the driving force behind digital transformation. With the emergence of PSD2, open banking APIs exposed a range of data to third-party FS solution providers including payment initiators, account aggregators, and other fintechs. Leon Muis, CBO of Yolt Technology Services (YTS), elaborates on the impact of […]